2018 EHRA conference, Monday, March 19th 08h30-10h00. Jens ECKSTEIN (Basel, Switzerland). Atrial fibrillation detection with smartphone cameras and wearables - Results of the DETECT AF pro and WATCH AF trials.



News from EHRA late-breaking scientific sessions:

How accurate can Atrial Fibrillation (AF) be detected by smartphone cameras and smartwatches


Major findings will be introduced:


An international, multicentre, double-blind clinical trial with 672 participants, demonstrated the accuracy of the same algorithm in the smartphone camera application Preventicus Heartbeats.

The AF detection algorithm available in the smartphone camera application (“Preventicus Heartbeats”= has been tested in the DETECT AF PRO trial (ClinicalTrials.gov ID: NCT02949180); a prospective, double-blinded, international multicenter study with 672 participants. Total accuracy of the smartphone camera application to detect AF was 96.5% with a positive predictive value of 99.3% compared to the ECG based diagnosis of two cardiologists by mutual agreement.